Self-assessing at the End


photo by Tilisa Thibodeaux on tilisathibodeaux.com

In this Concepts of Educational Tech course, while I have learned so much, I have found that the assignments and discussions have renewed my eagerness to learn and to apply what I’ve learned in my classroom. The course has helped to refocus my intentions as a teacher – why am I doing what I’m doing? Are there benefits to my students? Would something new help my students even more?

New doesn’t always mean better, however, from what I’ve learned in this course, new is better as long as your implementation is done correctly. Rushing to implement a new strategy could lead to failure for both you and your students. So most importantly, before you start implementing make sure you truly understand what it is your aiming to do.

While implementing a growth mindset correctly into my classroom is going to be a focus for this school year, I also want to use the growth mindset as I continue to take graduate courses. I feel like I have gained a strong understanding of the growth mindset through our work in this course.  I have always believed that increasing my effort would improve my achievement. However, increasing my effort and participating in new, challenging experiences will improve my achievement levels and provide me with a stronger sense of accomplishment in my courses.

When I first learned of the COVA (choice, ownership, voice, authentic) model, I was excited to implement it in my classroom and to share it with my colleagues. In reflecting on my own experiences as a student, this model is difficult for me. I have always been given instructions and specific guidelines to follow when given an assignment – specific expectations that would result in a certain grade. In this course we have been given the freedom to follow the COVA model with each assignment given to us. I truly found it difficult to have so much freedom in determining how to complete assignments. With that said, I do appreciate the opportunity that the choices I get to make provide for me to take ownership, share my voice, and make the assignments authentic for me. Those practices allow a learner to make the learning experience meaningful for them, and if it’s meaningful for them it’s more likely that they will remember the information. The COVA model for me will be challenging to fully adopt because of my past learning experiences. However, if I am anticipating incorporating this into my own classroom and school building, then I will work towards changing my mindset and practices.

This course has taught me so much already that I am looking forward to implementing!

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