The end of 5303


photo by Mark van Leeuwen on dribble.com


My second class has just about come to a close. A few more posts here and there and some tweaks to this site and this course will be finished for me. While the courses in this program are condensed into a 5 week period, there is no shortage of information, interaction, discussion and feedback in that time. It’s amazing to see how much portfolio work has been developed and shared among the classmates.

I’ve enjoyed getting a chance to view my classmates’ portfolios. I’ve found layout ideas that I’ve “stolen” and added to my portfolio, and I’ve seen some things that I didn’t like and won’t be using. That’s just the simplicity and beauty in being enrolled in these courses – there is not a wrong way to answer questions or write a discussion or share information. We have the choice on how we take the ownership to express our voices (thank you COVA!). I thrive in environments like this, much like the students I work with every day.

While I appreciate having the opportunity to look at other portfolios, I have much preferred to look at my classmates’ portfolios rather than to view some of the finished DLL portfolios from previous students. Those portfolios are a.m.a.z.i.n.g – but that makes sense, right? Those individuals have a one or two year start on all of us right now, and they have received plenty of feedback on what they have posted. While amazing, those portfolios can also be a bit overwhelming for someone who is just starting out – like me and my classmates. What I do like about those finished portfolios is the hope that I’ve felt looking at them. Those portfolio owners have been able to continue to use their portfolios in their professional lives and develop and share content that is meaningful for them. That makes me a little bit excited and a little bit more confident – I’m excited to see how beneficial a “live” portfolio can be, and I’m more confident now because if these teachers can continue to post AND teach than so can I.

So 5303, thanks for the ideas and feedback, the encouragement, and the confidence to keep going.

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