Change Behavior


Common sense is a quality that is generally believed to help people succeed. While watching Dr. Cross’s video, it was interesting to hear how it can actually hurt someone who is trying to make a change. Dr. Cross highlighted three myths regarding changing behavior: education changes behavior, attitudes must change in order to change behaviors, and people know what motivates them. These three myths can actually hurt a movement. The more I listened, the more I realized my ineffectiveness in trying to reach some of my most unsuccessful students. The numerous conversations about life, college, success, grades, etc that I’ve had with these students in order to motivate them have fallen on deaf ears. If they would just listen and understand the importance and value of working hard then they would become successful. I had been relying on my knowledge of what should work instead of what really does work.

There are similarities between Dr. Cross’s video and the six sources of influence. Both of them focus on modeling desired results, making meaningful connections, social motivation, and identifying and adjusting how information is presented. All of these will be important when it comes to me reaching my desired result for my ePortfolio initiative. We might not be able to determine what influences us, but the model provides us with six sources of influence that can be applied to change behaviors.


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