What’s the 411 on 4DX?

I found Franklin Covey’s video to be extremely helpful in describing 4DX. His video made me feel like my innovation plan can be broken down into steps that will be manageable for me to implement. If I can break down my ideas into 1 or 2 major goals (LAG) and create smaller goals that I can directly control (LEAD), then I will be setting myself (and my colleagues) up for success. Even after determining my goals, it will be important for me to stay focused on what can be controlled. Looking at the bigger goals can be overwhelming and in many cases can cause people to quit. Looking at my lead goal will encourage me to continue moving forward.

I think the part I am most excited about though is the idea of creating a scoreboard. Currently, it is frustrating with how difficult it is for teachers, students, and parents to view student progress. There are many ways that my district complies data, but most teachers find it to be overwhelming or too confusing to explore on their own, and quite honestly, who has time to sit through a meeting to figure out how (aka- the whirlwind). It would be helpful for the adminstrative team to incorporate a scoreboard for this data that would be simple and visible, and include the goals we are focusing on. And of course, it would tell us how we are doing! I believe this would help to boost motivation and teamwork. For these reasons, 4DX can help me improve overall morale and attitudes about ePortfolios.



Covey, F. (2012). Executive overview of the 4 disciplines of execution [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZR2Ixm0QQE&feature=youtu.be 

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