Promoting Alternative PL

The videos this week hit home for me. I enjoy telling stories just as much as I enjoy hearing them. I like telling a story and seeing people’s reactions, and I also like hearing my colleagues or my students share a story with me that they are excited about. Telling a story is an effective technique because it personalizes the topic and appeals to the emotions. The audience wants to connect, and any method of storytelling will help them to do so.

Our role as teachers is to inspire change. But if co-workers do not embrace and apply the methods to do so, then my presentation won’t work and it won’t really matter. I will be a mentor to assist and guide my colleagues – not a main character – and it’s important for me to remember that. My colleagues will be the ones making the difference and I will be helping them to get there as best I can. I will be available when they need me, provide access to resources, and approach any conflicts with a focus on common interest. Most of my colleagues want to do everything they can to help their students succeed, and shifting the PL sessions will be another way we can do that. The ongoing PL sessions will help all teachers learn about important topics, but more importantly, to use what they learn consistently in their classrooms.

The resources this week helped me to think about “my story.” Since I am the mentor, I want it to be about my audience – the teachers. I believe teaching truly is a calling and is one of the most difficult and most rewarding jobs. Highlighting the struggles we face in the classroom and adding the effects of futile PL will provide a segue into the discussion about shifting PL. I think that this story will help connect teachers to the message and let them realize that this change really will improve our teaching and our students’ success.

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