The OCSB video showed footage from a teacher-led professional learning session. It was highlighted several times throughout the video that this opportunity allowed teachers to express their needs and ask for assistance, to share the ideas or knowledge that they had, and to have a hands-on approach to their continued learning. In thinking about this video, I realized that the experience of the teachers actually expresses a lot of what teachers want their students to experience when learning in their classes – share your need and ask for help, share the ideas and knowledge you have gained, and have a meaningful hands-on experience to solidify your learning. The teachers in the video showed that they were more invested in what they were learning when they did this and were able to move away from the “sit and get” model.

Collaboration is always a strategy that should be incorporated when working towards a goal. Keeping the end goal in mind while I work toward implementing my innovation plan and incorporating more meaningful PL sessions for my colleagues and administrators will be important. A part of the OCSB video that really stood out to me was when the one teacher mentioned how important it is for administrators to participate in the PL sessions. Having administrators sit in on sessions (not just do a “drive by”) with teachers will demonstrate that they are learners as well. This is important because it will provide administrators and teachers with first hand experience of why a new initiative is important – not just hearing about it in a meeting.

The OCSB video gave me reassurance. Presenting information and working alongside colleagues is not always a walk in the park. This video and the PL session shown within it helped me realize that collaborating with my colleagues and administration will not only help me with my innovation plan, but it will help all of my colleagues to learn something new, effectively incorporate it into their classrooms, and learn from one another (students included!).



Edcan Network Le Reseau EdCan. (2016, May 19). Innovation that sticks case study – OCSB: Collaborative professional development [Video file]. Retrieved from:

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