Being comfortable with being uncomfortable

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable means that you are willing to experience change, take some risks, learn something new, or to try a different way of doing something. As teachers, I think we experience being uncomfortable in a variety of ways pretty frequently. I’m a high school teacher so I am always learning something new from my students and/or feeling uncomfortable every day. For example, this generation is much more in tune with technology and its uses so it’s understandable that sometimes our students will know more about it than us. I think teachers need to be OK with learning from their students. We should allow our students to show what they know – not only could it benefit the teachers and the classroom, but it could also benefit the students by building their confidence and strengthening their presentation skills.

I haven’t always been this open to accepting information from my students. When I first began teaching, I believed that I should know everything – how else would my students respect me as their teacher if I didn’t know something?? Rookie mistake. 🙂 As time went on, I saw that students enjoyed working with me to find an answer to a question that neither of us knew. They were excited to see who could find the answer first, as well as to show/teach me what they learned or knew. These opportunities have opened up my classroom to many meaningful discussions over the years as well (for example, today we had a very informative discussion about annual percentage rates and we related it to their current work ethics – eye opening stuff today!) Along the way, I have learned to always make sure to thank my students every day for what they have taught me on that particular day. I want them to see that not knowing everything is OK – and that a person should never stop learning no matter what they do or how old they are.



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