Let’s Walk and Talk

Dr. Lodge McCammon discusses flipped classrooms and how to incorporate this modeling-based idea into professional learning.

I believe that walk and talk is a wonderful idea. I teach in a high school building and our building is on the same campus as our middle school building. Nearly every day the middle school has classes that will walk and talk our full campus and I always think about how jealous I am that they get to do that! I think walk and talk is great for a multitude of reasons – it promotes healthy habits, it promotes listening, conversation and social understanding among the students, and  it serves as a great break from the academic structure of the day. This break allows the students to recharge (or wake-up in most cases!) as the activity in itself gets their blood pumping again and activates their brains. I would love if our high school building would incorporate more movement into our classes. Many of my students demonstrate a strong need for movement breaks (and have it written into their IEP’s as an accommodation), so it would be nice to afford them that opportunity without sacrificing their time in class and possibly missing course content.

I do like to practice what I preach to my students, so if I’m going to advocate for walk and talk with them, then it needs to be something that I would be willing to put into play with my PL plan. I believe that many of the teachers that I work with would absolutely love this opportunity to be up and moving rather than sitting and staring! This is definitely something that I am hoping to incorporate into my PL outline now.



McCammon, L. (2015, April 15). Modeling-based (flipped) professional development at rutgers university [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PBAmcveOnIM&feature=youtu.be

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