My Learning Manifesto

Recently, I was asked to write my learning manifesto. Before I began writing, I had to research the definition of manifesto (written statement declaring the intentions of its issuer), and then I needed to search for some examples. I had been asked during my undergrad courses to write my teaching manifesto or philosophy, so I wanted to see if a teaching philosophy and a learning manifesto would be similar. I found that indeed the two were similar. At least for me.

My teaching philosophy has always been to help my students learn in a safe but challenging environment while providing them with meaningful experiences to help them grow and meeting all challenges with a positive attitude. My learning manifesto does not differ from that – everything listed above is what I would hope to get out of learning if I were to be a student. And let’s face it, we’re all life-long students with lessons to learn every day.

So after taking some time, I developed my learning manifesto and created it through Prezi here:  Learning Manifesto