Action Research Outline


Focus: ePortfolios to support special education students post-secondary transition plans
Purpose: To determine if transition ePortfolio reflections will positively impact student engagement.
Research Question: What impact will reflection in transition ePortfolios have on student engagement?
Research Design: The most appropriate type of data for me to collect is qualitative data. I will be using this approach since my research question is open ended and because I will be monitoring/collecting the data directly within my classroom.
Data to be Collected: To measure the outcome of the research question, the following data will be collected and analyzed: individual student work submissions taken throughout the school year.
Measurement Instruments: I will use the student reflections and artifacts, interviews, and observations. These types of measurement instruments will be able to provide me with the most immediate feedback. My observations, as well as the interviews and the reflections and artifacts from the students will be equally important in analyzing the effectiveness of this reflective process.
Focus of Literature Review: The literature review will provide insight from those who have researched ePortfolios, the trends in educational technology, and the impact of reflective learning. There will be a brief overview of what ePortfolios are and their effectiveness, as well as some of the relevant educational trends in technology. The main focus of the literature review though will be the impact that reflective learning will have on student engagement and motivation.