Designing New Courses

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Considering what I have learned so far in this course, there are two courses that come to mind that could be redesigned into online learning courses within my high school building. 

One of these courses is one that is done through our guidance department. Currently, students use a tool called Naviance to add information to help prepare them for college and career readiness. As a special education teacher who is tasked with assisting my students with their post-secondary plans, the Naviance tool is one that I often reference when working with my students and their families. Our guidance department and special education department work pretty closely to ensure that our shared students have access to the information they need to make decisions regarding their futures. Instead of having that students complete tasks for this course in person with the guidance counselors, I believe that we should change the course so that it is online. This allows all of the students in the high school the opportunity to work on their post-secondary planning anytime and from anywhere. Doing this also allows for more flexibility in student scheduling and provides access to the course’s content in more places than just the classroom. 

Another course that should be considered for being fully online is the Physical Education course. Currently, students only have the option to take this course and meet the requirements in a face to face classroom. While meeting in person is beneficial to the students because it guarantees they partake in physical activity during the day, it also decreases the opportunity of open periods for our academically advanced students to enroll in more courses. We have a stellar AP program within my high school, and the number of students taking advantage of that program increases each year. The main increase is as a result of our district beginning to incorporate Hybrid courses, where students meet in the classroom 2 days per week, and then complete the course activities online for the remainder of the week. The hybrid courses have allowed our students to take advantage of enrolling in more courses, earning more credits, and learning more content. Offering our PE courses online, will continue to allow our students the opportunity to take additional courses. Designing this course would take a lot of collaboration between the PE department, administration, and guidance office in order to ensure that our students are still meeting the requirements necessary to earn credit and learn healthy habits that will continue to benefit them throughout their lives. 

As you can see, I did not suggest any major core curriculum classes to be shifted to being fully online. I feel like we are not in a position within my district where that would be a wise decision. Currently, my district is providing hybrid classes that meet a few days in person and the other days online. I believe the success from these will open more opportunities for offering fully online classes. 

For both the Naviance and Physical Education courses, a few things will need to be kept in mind when designing the online courses. Content from these courses will need to be organized in a cohesive way which allows for students to easily follow the progression of the course. Multimedia content would need to be added to maintain student interest, as would discussion boards for collaboration among the students and teacher. This information will need to be organized within our LMS, Canvas, and since students are already familiar with this platform no additional training sessions would be required for them.


Planning Questions #17-21

17.    What LMS or course building tool will you use to house your course? For this course I am using my district provided LMS, Canvas.
18.    Will learners need training on how to use the course management tool? Learners will not require training to use the Canvas LMS.
19.    How will you provide that? Because the LMS was introduced to the learners and utilized in courses previously, no training will be provided.
20.    How is your system managed/filtered for learners? The learners will be accessing course content on the school Wi-Fi network so all content and information will be managed and filtered through there.
21.    Will learners be involved in individual or collaborative projects? Learners will mostly be involved in individual projects since the focuses of the course is for students to create their own ePortfolio and design their post-secondary transition plans,  but there are collaborative requirements and assignments as well (such as discussions).