Online Learning Course Outline

Canvas Course:

Introduction: My course will focus on students developing appropriate technology skills in order to produce appropriate and effective ePortfolios. The ePortfolios will serve as a platform for students to research and share the post-secondary transitions plans. 

Learning Goals: Through the use of ePortfolios, learners will use technological skills in order to grow and develop their post-secondary plans, while reflecting on their learning throughout, and in order to promote lifelong learning.

Desired Results: Students will understand how to participate in digital spaces, how to collaborate with each other, and to develop technological skills. Students will be able to share their post-secondary transition plans, while understanding that reflecting is a part of learning. 

Audience: Secondary students in grade 12, about 35 students across four class periods

Materials: Chromebooks, access to LMS (Canvas), access to research documents


3 Column Outline

Learning Goals Learning Activities Assessment Activities
Foundation Goals

Learners will….

  • Explore how to participate in digital spaces and collaborate with one another through online discussions


  • Review article about how to participate in online discussions
  • Review video about how to participate in online discussions
  • Discussion post
Application Goals

Learners will…

  • Design an ePortfolio that showcases their personal style and design, as well as their content and learning
  • Design their ePortfolio
  • Peer review
Integration Goals

Learners will…

  • Analyze/relate academic content and technological skills to their personal interests and post-secondary goals


  • View post-secondary education video
  • Post-secondary career/school research
  • Reflect on ePortfolio construction

  • Video quiz
  • Blog post
  • Form checklist/writing assignment
Human Dimension Goals

Learners will…

  • Evaluate their post-secondary interests and gain insight into developing plans that support their interests
  • Demonstrate control and tact when giving and receiving digital feedback

  • Review netiquette rules
  • Blog post
  • Access school naviance accounts
  • Peer discussion post and reply evaluations
Caring Goals

Learners will:

  • Discover personal interests and passions through their delivery of content
  • Blog posts on interests
  • Blog posts and presentation to peers
“Learning How to Learn” Goals

Learners will…

  • Explore post-secondary learning opportunities and become accountable for their self-directed learning
  • End of course connections and reflections

  • Blog post and presentation
  • Teacher check-in



Planning Questions

1.    Who are the learners who will be in your course? 12th grade learning support students in the high school
2.    What is your teaching style? Constructivist
3.    Have you taught in an online or blended environment? No
4.    What is your level of experience with the content and with technology? I am familiar with the content since I have been building my own ePortfolio through these graduate courses, but the Canvas course development technology is new to me.
5.   What learning or pedagogical theories support online or blended learning? Inquiry learning and constructivism