Online Learning Reflection




Successful Online Learning Programs



Planning Questions

22. How and where will they submit assignments? My online learners will submit all of their assignments using the LMS. The assignments will be submitted as discussions, file uploads, picture uploads, and/or link shares.
23. Will the pacing or your course be the same for everyone or will you have self-pacing? The pacing for the online portions will be self-paced. However, for the in person portions, they will be the same for everyone in the course.
24. How will you communicate with learners? Communication will primarily take place using the LMS, however students will be able to communicate through e-mail or face to face interactions as well.
25. If your learners are K-12, how will parents be involved? Parents will not be involved with the online course. The parents of my students will be involved at the students’ annual IEP meetings where we discuss transition planning.
26. How will you update your course? I plan to update my course as my learning and understanding as the instructor develops. Also, when I receive feedback from the learners (both in person and in class) I will update the course.