My Interests

Personal Interests

Click the images below to take a look at the sites.

Image result for google communities  – Google communities is a place where teachers can share what and how they’re using google apps in their classrooms. You can join a group based off your location, so I’ve joined the southeastern PA group. It’s awesome to see how many different ways teachers in different settings and grade levels are using google!

cc – Canvas Communities – My district just started using the Canvas LMS this school year. We have an in-house Canvas guru in our building (one of our own teachers), but sometimes that person is unavailable. Having access to the Canvas community page allows me to search for answers or teaching ideas on my own time.

tt – Teach Thought – This site is about supporting educators in teaching and learning for 21st-century learners. They share ideas and resources for curriculum development, integrating technology, the use of apps, and other learning tools.

wat – We are Teachers – I love this site. They share classroom ideas, have giveaways, and they share teacher-to-teacher advice and humor. Visiting the site is kind of like being able to talk to that one colleague that cheers you up on the “bad days”, but you have access to the site anytime you want it. You can find support and encouragement from teachers all over, whenever you need it!

trail – All – We’ve all seen the studies that show how important physical activity is for adolescents. Physical activity helps to improve cardiovascular fitness, control weight, reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, etc. With that in mind, I am constantly encouraging my students to be as active as possible. This site provides a listing of all trails in Pennsylvania – type in your city, local park, or trail name and you’ll have all the details you need to get moving.

yl – Young Living Essential Oils – I love my essential oils. I have found that using them in my classroom has helped my students in a few ways. Diffusing oils helps to keep my students focused, happy, and calm which are important when we’re asking them to constantly perform and work at their highest potential. I also use oils to keep my classroom as germ-free as possible – both through diffusing and through cleaning sprays. This site houses my favorite oils and products that I use in my classroom every day.

usafh.JPG – USA Field Hockey – I’m always learning – professionally, personally, educationally – so continuing to learn as a coach is something I try to devote as much time as possible to. USA Field Hockey recently started a coaching education program so I’m constantly on their site looking for new opportunities to take advantage of. If I’m better, my team is better!

Professional Interests

sym – Here is a link to my Symbaloo page for sites that I visit often.

eds  Here is a link for my edshelf which categorizes the digital tools that I use.

Learning Tools Interests

dc – These are the resources I discovered throughout my Digital Citizenship course at Lamar University.

nsl – These are some of the resources I reviewed in order to develop and support my learning philosophy.

Reading Interests

gr – Good Reads – I’m a reader. Ever since I learned to read, I’ve been reading books nonstop. Sometimes it’s just too hard to find the time to find a good book – like one that I can really sink into and get lost in. I love that the site will give you a list of recommendations based off of your interests. Many of my students have trouble finding a book that they like so I encourage them to create an account to start discovering some novel options.

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