The end of 5303

photo by Mark van Leeuwen on dribble.com   My second class has just about come to a close. A few more posts here and there and some tweaks to this site and this course will be finished for me. While the courses in this program are condensed into a 5 week period, there is no shortage… Continue reading The end of 5303


Sharing and Evaluating

When we were tasked with creating an ePortfolio I was initially overwhelmed. I felt lost because we weren’t given a step by step list of directions on how to create it and there weren’t really any guidelines on how we would be graded upon completion. Many times throughout my creation process I questioned myself and… Continue reading Sharing and Evaluating


Who actually “owns” the ePortfolio?

When implementing eportfolios into a classroom, it is easily assumed that each individual student owns their own portfolio, mainly because it has their name on it. Ownership is more than just a name though. Ownership is free of limitations or encumbrances. If teachers are encouraging students to take ownership over their work, is it possible… Continue reading Who actually “owns” the ePortfolio?