What’s Your Why

 (image retrieved from onelifechurch.org) After viewing Dr. John Kotter’s videos, Heart of Change and Leading Change: Establish a Sense of Urgency, I have realized that it will be important to appeal to the hearts of the stakeholders within my district when implementing and sharing my ePortfolio initiative. To do so, it is necessary that I… Continue reading What’s Your Why


A moment to refocus

Phew. The first marking period of the school year has come and gone as fast as a speed train traveling through Europe! A quarter of the way through the school year ALREADY! I have been in a whirlwind since the start of this school year. Teaching all day, then coaching a varsity sport into the… Continue reading A moment to refocus


Change is a process, not an event

In education, disruptive innovation serves as a catalyst for change. As change goes, most people do not like it, so incorporating disruptive innovations can be faced with challenges. In education specifically, resistance to change will surface from administration and faculty alike, which could prevent innovations from even being discussed. It is important, however, to fight… Continue reading Change is a process, not an event