4 Disciplines of Execution

Previously, I developed and shared a plan on how I would use the Influencer model to implement ePortfolios in order to assist the special education students in my building with developing and reflecting on their post-secondary transition plans. Now, this week, I am incorporating the 4DX plan which was created by Chris McCHesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling. The… Continue reading 4 Disciplines of Execution


What’s the 411 on 4DX?

I found Franklin Covey’s video to be extremely helpful in describing 4DX. His video made me feel like my innovation plan can be broken down into steps that will be manageable for me to implement. If I can break down my ideas into 1 or 2 major goals (LAG) and create smaller goals that I… Continue reading What’s the 411 on 4DX?


Creating Significant Learning Environments with Growth Mindset Learners

(image from mollyfletcher.com) Throughout the Creating Significant Environments graduate course, I have rediscovered the importance of doing just that - creating a significant learning environment. As teachers, we often hear that creating the right environment in your classroom will allow your students to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. After reading about significant learning environments, I… Continue reading Creating Significant Learning Environments with Growth Mindset Learners


Developing a Growth Mindset within my ePortfolio Innovation Plan

In a previous course, I had watched Carol Dweck explain the “power of yet” and the growth mindset. I was inspired then to incorporate this way of thinking into my personal life, as well as my professional life as a teacher. This is why I created a growth mindset plan to incorporate these ideas into… Continue reading Developing a Growth Mindset within my ePortfolio Innovation Plan


Who actually “owns” the ePortfolio?

When implementing eportfolios into a classroom, it is easily assumed that each individual student owns their own portfolio, mainly because it has their name on it. Ownership is more than just a name though. Ownership is free of limitations or encumbrances. If teachers are encouraging students to take ownership over their work, is it possible… Continue reading Who actually “owns” the ePortfolio?