Applying the Influencer Strategy

It is relatively well known that people do not necessarily like change. Many of us are comfortable in our day to day lives, so when a change occurs we are often resistant to it for fear of losing our consistency. However, change is an important part of growing - as an individual, as a professional,… Continue reading Applying the Influencer Strategy


Change Behavior

  Common sense is a quality that is generally believed to help people succeed. While watching Dr. Cross’s video, it was interesting to hear how it can actually hurt someone who is trying to make a change. Dr. Cross highlighted three myths regarding changing behavior: education changes behavior, attitudes must change in order to change… Continue reading Change Behavior


Developing a Growth Mindset within my ePortfolio Innovation Plan

In a previous course, I had watched Carol Dweck explain the “power of yet” and the growth mindset. I was inspired then to incorporate this way of thinking into my personal life, as well as my professional life as a teacher. This is why I created a growth mindset plan to incorporate these ideas into… Continue reading Developing a Growth Mindset within my ePortfolio Innovation Plan