Being comfortable with being uncomfortable

Being comfortable with being uncomfortable means that you are willing to experience change, take some risks, learn something new, or to try a different way of doing something. As teachers, I think we experience being uncomfortable in a variety of ways pretty frequently. I’m a high school teacher so I am always learning something new… Continue reading Being comfortable with being uncomfortable



The OCSB video showed footage from a teacher-led professional learning session. It was highlighted several times throughout the video that this opportunity allowed teachers to express their needs and ask for assistance, to share the ideas or knowledge that they had, and to have a hands-on approach to their continued learning. In thinking about this… Continue reading Collaborating


4 Disciplines of Execution

Previously, I developed and shared a plan on how I would use the Influencer model to implement ePortfolios in order to assist the special education students in my building with developing and reflecting on their post-secondary transition plans. Now, this week, I am incorporating the 4DX plan which was created by Chris McCHesney, Sean Covey and Jim Huling. The… Continue reading 4 Disciplines of Execution