Applying the Influencer Strategy

It is relatively well known that people do not necessarily like change. Many of us are comfortable in our day to day lives, so when a change occurs we are often resistant to it for fear of losing our consistency. However, change is an important part of growing - as an individual, as a professional,… Continue reading Applying the Influencer Strategy


Aligning Outcomes, Assessment, and Activities

Aligning outcomes, activities, and assessments are the most important parts that teachers need to consider when planning lessons. However, doing so in a time period where teachers are inundated with state assessment requirements and scores is not an easy task. Teachers will need to design their lessons with alignment in mind. By using Fink’s Self-Directed… Continue reading Aligning Outcomes, Assessment, and Activities


Creating a Significant Learning Environment

(photo retrieved from tutorcruncher.com) Classrooms are a place for learning. Learning different contents, learning social skills, learning expectations, learning success and failure. Classrooms are for learning, yes. But, what if teachers could improve how students are learning? Is the current environment working at it’s best and fullest potential? Is there more we could be doing?… Continue reading Creating a Significant Learning Environment


Change is a process, not an event

In education, disruptive innovation serves as a catalyst for change. As change goes, most people do not like it, so incorporating disruptive innovations can be faced with challenges. In education specifically, resistance to change will surface from administration and faculty alike, which could prevent innovations from even being discussed. It is important, however, to fight… Continue reading Change is a process, not an event